Girl · Life · Love · Rhyme

Her Eyes…

Those eyes, they dawned on me… again!
The showed me universe but in vain.
How hard, tried to forget those eyes, I had
Yet i want them looking at me so bad!
Hate ’em… as they lure me into abyss,
Yet what they give, unparalleled peace.

Quintessential essence of beauty lie therein,
I behold the power of pulling truce where it’s never been!
The hue of her eye so true, as of humus brown after 1st rain.
By those labyrinth memories I’ve driven insane…
I try to have a peep,
Of the memories buried deep,
I find crest & trough of very steep,
Pleasant or not still I try to keep…
Like an eclipse I can see my reflection in her eye.
“Have I been this beautiful?!” or “It’s just a lie?!”
I thought…
“Still I love her” i said in a sigh.
With this turmoil, I grab a corner seat,
“What a sight, a vision of her eye was!” -a treat!
I always wondered what elements it took together to be the girl she is
Concoction as such; a prudent, discreet, impeccable effort it is…

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