Girl · Life · Love

It happened just today…


Today it just happened to be that incredible weather…

I thought how could anything possibly be better than this,
And then in the most unexpected of forms she descended!
Wow…! That’s what they say… true say!

As started to lean towards her… the sky grew darker on me,
Thinking of the dilemma it struck me that i should play safe!
But, had it ever occurred in history that females and safety went same way?!
So, there she was with her million dollar question! “Me or it!”
How ironic! Both me and god now stand equal,
We’ve to choose between our love & ourselves!
Under that big hearty decision of ours… deep down inside we both know,
It’s gonna be love in the end!
There was still something different about tonight,
It was weather? It was her? Maybe it was… me!
She was always very graceful but tonight graceful was running out of grace
Happiness was going short of smile…
The way she talked that was… was agile, was scintillating, that was lovely
I was missing all those smiles, blushes, laughter and her… Yeah, i was missing her!
Hell! whom i’m getting into? where i’m going? what is happening?
Then i seems that someone from my heart whispered to ‘she happened!’
Now then ‘she’ happened,
I started to think, think of the odds i’ve
Odds of seeing her again, hearing her again, feeling her again…
Odds of being lucky enough to be her mirror… And to ‘wow’ at her sight, and to kiss her… if i might!
Now when she has left me alone to get haunted by ‘i-want-her’ feelings,
I feel her around me, teasing me, loving to see me beg her… see me want her so bad!
though i’m smiling something just bugging me… what’s she’s in?
Is she in love?!

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