Girl · Life · Love

Quietly She Said…

Among all these cobwebs of life,
Filthy lies and flying commitments…
She was there… rational & still-not-rational!
As miracle as an oasis
As pure as child’s promise
And as sweet as… She looks!

When everyone was busy stealing everything out of everybody else,
She was stealing herself a moment for her expense!
When everyone was struggling to be somebody else,
She was living herself, enjoying & proud!
When everyone was busy thinking how they look to others,
She was let’s-not-talk-about-looks!
When her eyes are closed, the greatest story told…
She takes the life as it unfold…
The color of her eyes deepens like blue suburban sky…
When she dreams of the days when she’ll fly…
I watched her as i simply stood there,
Some through crowd and some through her hair,
And as calm as the the lakes water she reflect,
The poison and kill of this world, imperfect!
“My, my” i said as the breeze pass her scent
Golden setting sun kiss her as it bent
Not everyone saw her talking,
But i watched her as she Quietly She Said…

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