Girl · Life · Love · Rhyme

There she goes and…

She just stood by and watched me burn
With those beady eyes which never did turn
As i looked harder i found them not only emotionless but also lifeless
And inside i smiled so careless
To hide what i just can’t
The love i have for her gave me strength to stand

I know there’s love in her
But so suddenly hard i find to believe
Like stone i stood, yet crying
Contrast, she look so alive and yet so cold

I felt chained and hooked by the words i gave her
Wanted to break the bonds and steal her for 1 last time
From this world to the heavens wouldn’t be any realm
They’d find nor creep between us

An unearthly sound break the streak
As i gain conscious her chariot left
With flickering light and diminishing outline
I stretch my vision to see little more of her ‘last’


Suddenly i could feel myself
I ran wild and mad scream and shouted
Yet i doubt if a whisper reached her ears
Too late, it’s never been this late! Ever beforeCome back, come back… Please come back to me
I tore, ripped my soul apart showed my vains full of love for her
But she burned me to ground
And never turned back to see the ashes!

She just stood by and watched me burn
And i got burnt with a smile, saying I love you…


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