We’re Here…

Here we’re; We’re here… Why we’re here?! Often I wondered… And I floundered! Are we here to witness a change or Be the change?! Are we here to simply breathe or To help someone breathe?! Are we here to wait for that one amazing moment or To dive into one?!


Subime Reality

I’ve been awake for too long now, Long enough for reality to sublime somehow, I can’t differentiate the faces, And so am confused, I lost my traces!   I walk through the night, Hoping to find that enemy to fight, Never thought growing up would be so hard, And this life is nothing but, mere… Continue reading Subime Reality

Girl · Happiness · Love · Rhyme

The Way She Dance In Rain

Grey sky and a gorgeous weather against a angel dancing in rain, To choose among them is heck of a pain. I chose to stay on ground, And I was very lucky for what I found. So beautifully, so gracefully she danced in rain, And I told myself compared to her; every other beauty is… Continue reading The Way She Dance In Rain