Subime Reality

I’ve been awake for too long now,
Long enough for reality to sublime somehow,
I can’t differentiate the faces,
And so am confused, I lost my traces!
I walk through the night,
Hoping to find that enemy to fight,
Never thought growing up would be so hard,
And this life is nothing but, mere game of card!

Mountain high and dungeon low, I came across,
But no place is devoid of death lurking in life’s gloss,
At time I wake up sacred from my dreams,
Now the day is wide & awake but I still those distant screams!
From far off places,
To the beginning of our races,
Coming to an end; was always in our destiny,
This game is fixed, and is written in that testimony!
In the most deceitful manner life shows it’s cruelty,
And the one who survives this brutality,
Reaches the summit, the life’s inevitable finality,
Only then he realizes this is the sublime reality!

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