Girl · Happiness · Love · Rhyme

The Way She Dance In Rain

Grey sky and a gorgeous weather against a angel dancing in rain,
To choose among them is heck of a pain.
I chose to stay on ground,
And I was very lucky for what I found.
So beautifully, so gracefully she danced in rain,
And I told myself compared to her; every other beauty is a vain!
I saw rain kiss her cheeks,
And she turned to me, and I discovered the love her eyes speaks.

I slowly walked to her and wrapped my arms around her waist,
And those rain drops on her lips where the most ecstatic of taste.
Those saturated hair sticking to her face,
Was like cloak of shy has embrace.
Like a peacock she was colourful,
Alive, Pure, Happy & Wonderful.
One rain with her, all my pain she slain,
It’s ‘The Way She Dance In Rain’…mw85ze6c

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