Girl · Happiness · Love · Rhyme

She Is

She is my princess
She is my medicine in sickness
She is my queen
She is someone I’ve never seen
She is my weekday blues break
When I’m plateaued, she’s the rake
She is the heartbeat
And the person I’d never cheat

She is my last pair hands
And with me, who always stands
She is the shoulder to cry
And she is the one who wish to see me fly
She is the one for whom I’d walk a thousand miles
And be the reason she smiles
She is the one who never left me alone
Took all my pain & yet never did she groan
She is my chef, my electrician, my painter
My doctor, my babysitter, my writer
She is my mother, my sister, my daughter
My father, my brother, my lover
I can cry & she won’t deny
I can be stupid, idiot, looser and she won’t judge by
She is the reason I’m alive
I’m the plant & she’s the water I need to thrive
A thousand people came & A thousand went
For them none I’ve spent
And she happened & in her, I believe
Baby, you never came… So please don’t leave
Had my colleagues, had my friends
But they were all foam
The day end I was thorough with toam
With you it felt like home…

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