Rhyme · War

Where Only Eagles Dare

Where only eagles dare, I desire to walk there,
With my arms unarmed & my feet bare,
Into the eyes of desolation & oblivion I wish to stareWhere Only Eagles Dare…Shiny-sleek gadget & tech savvy aren’t the reality,
Live mine-fields, blood-bullets & bombs are the real cruelty,
Learn this lesson fast & learn it well, and you’d be wise
“It’s all a disguise”, a layer

Where Only Eagles Dare…

Pen is no more mightier than sword
Truth is now broad
Gone are the days of wise, today even novice
Has his hands on thermo-nuclear device

Beyond folly this is death we bargain where;
Where Only Eagles Dare…

And the prophecy turns out true, when wise die like fools
Why be wise to be someone who rules
When our leaders fought, killed & drank blood of other
We closed our eyes & didn’t even bother

Tomorrow my son, my daughter will ask me “WHY DIDN’T YOU ALL DIE?!”
And I’d shamelessly answer “because we chose to watch & stood by…!”

My child, be cruel, be harsh, be blind, be dead, be a slayer
For I present you an abyss tomorrow, where no one care



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