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Perfect Imperfection OR Imperfect Perfection?!

What can I say?!Favim_com-face-flowers-freckles-girl-pretty-277617

There are so many yet not a single way!

To define her…

Is like a labyrinth maze’s lure

I always wonder

When I see her, I ponder

What is the story her eyes have seen?

Across which one has been!

The imperfect freckles on her face,

They’re perfect ornament in this case!

What is she hiding?

Pretending strong, against what she’s fighting?!

The way she lives, care-free

Feels like someone else, she’s trying to be

Her hands…

She wants someone to hold, someone for her who stands

It’s so tough to be her friend,

Maybe because she’s meant for love, like of oldest trend!

She is among most desirable yet the most delicate temptations,

Hard to say,

Perfect Imperfection OR Imperfect Perfection…!

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