Girl · Happiness · Love · Rhyme

Angel In Blue…

Amidst many many breath

She turned me breathless

As I turned to her

Till eternity I may stare without a murmur

For there is no dearth of grace

When she turns, feels like life lost it’s pace

Her lips shapes ordinary yet prettiest of syllable,

for none it’s billable

Her eyes dark as night, deep as sea yet so calm and right

Her hair moves & tells you when the wind blows…

Her hands so tempting… to hold, I won’t survive if she ever goes!

She encapsulate the senses

As if around all, love dispenses

She allure you into an innocent dream

It’s deceitful, yet inevitable form of Ponzi scheme

She hurts so much, you smile

Witchy woman, you look & you’re in her guile

Known her for quite some time, yet feels ever new

Not what she looks, to know her, go beyond the view

As precious as the morning dew

Today, amidst the chaos I found my,

Angel In Blue…



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