Life · Rhyme

The Precipice Of Knowing

I always used to be; know, informed & aware

Of things I need to see, perceive & beware

Analysing & deciphering my past

Connecting the dots of present, fast

Knowing & calculating the future till the last…

This is how I was

Till now,

Suddenly things are at loss

It’s like,

Then knowing the unknown

Is now unknown of the knowing

Definitive as reality

 Is now blurred & hazed profanity

The perspective of affirmation

 Deluded into oblivion of desolation

Like rotting carcass

You dreams haunt you on your face

Days pass in your perplex & you pray for grace

Your dreams are broken

And as the prophecy was spoken

Your destiny is resolved with ‘HIS’ token

Maybe this is life

The way it’s supposed to be

Just when you think you know it all

Is just when you start to fall…!



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