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Forgotten kiss

I’ve forgotten the kiss I’ve forgotten the hug I’ve forgotten to miss I’ve forgotten all this… I’ve forgotten her touch I’ve forgotten her scent I’ve forgotten her voice Her warmth, her clutch Her saying “I love you so much”

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It’s Always Been Her: Why You Should Love The Girl Who Waited For You

Those most deserving of our love and affection are too often overlooked. But to be fair, we aren’t always aware we’re overlooking them. People enter our lives only to later leave them. Some stay for years, others for decades, some for minutes and hours. And then, you have those very few who will stay with… Continue reading It’s Always Been Her: Why You Should Love The Girl Who Waited For You

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The Precipice Of Knowing

I always used to be; know, informed & aware Of things I need to see, perceive & beware Analysing & deciphering my past Connecting the dots of present, fast Knowing & calculating the future till the last… This is how I was Till now,


Habit & Habits

Habit & habits, we are all about habits How peculiar; We make habits & habits too make us We are all in habit of habits but not all habits are habit! The habit which are habit to us are the habit which makes habit a habit, And not necessarily a habit is same, it differs… Continue reading Habit & Habits

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The Adieu

It’s a busy ICU room. Lots of noise. Noise of health monitoring machine, noise of medical tools kept in tray and picked up, noise of doctor’s muffled talks and instructions. Suddenly all these came to rest by a long shrill monotonic beep of ECG machine, showing a single straight line. Things became blur and sound… Continue reading The Adieu

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365 Days and Loving…

It’s been days, It’s been weeks It’s been months and It’s been a Year And I’m covered by your different colors in streaks No one but you ever came so near   Mysteriously we just kept walking Yet so unknowingly towards each we kept sliding We look back and we find no clue As there… Continue reading 365 Days and Loving…

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From The Diary Of A Soldier

Sleep well my brother Sleep well my sister Sleep well my father Sleep well my mother… As I watch upon you from sky I have everything under my eye From meadows to mountain high Upon all these I fly…

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Quietly She Said…

Among all these cobwebs of life, Filthy lies and flying commitments… She was there… rational & still-not-rational! As miracle as an oasis As pure as child’s promise And as sweet as… She looks!

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It happened just today…

Today it just happened to be that incredible weather… I thought how could anything possibly be better than this, And then in the most unexpected of forms she descended! Wow…! That’s what they say… true say!

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I’ve seen…

I see her today, I saw her yesterday, I’ll see her tomorrow I’ve seen mornings through her hairs, I’ve smelt noons in her essence, I’ve drawn evenings in her caress, I’ve slept nights with her dreams… I’ve seen the summer in her arms, I’ve seen rain in her eyes, I’ve seen winter in her lips…