Girl · Love · Rhyme

Love, Cry & Die

I lit my heart to light up my world In manner uncanny, I got hurled And in return I watched me burn, Down to ashes… As those memories and moments crashes Days rain tears, Remembering those loving years Advertisements

Girl · Happiness · Love · Rhyme

Since You Write…

Since you write… Pages, you need might So with all my love & warmth I present you a notebook For all your thoughts & lonely thoughts let it be the nook

Girl · Life · Love

Forgotten kiss

I’ve forgotten the kiss I’ve forgotten the hug I’ve forgotten to miss I’ve forgotten all this… I’ve forgotten her touch I’ve forgotten her scent I’ve forgotten her voice Her warmth, her clutch Her saying “I love you so much”


Subime Reality

I’ve been awake for too long now, Long enough for reality to sublime somehow, I can’t differentiate the faces, And so am confused, I lost my traces!   I walk through the night, Hoping to find that enemy to fight, Never thought growing up would be so hard, And this life is nothing but, mere… Continue reading Subime Reality

Girl · Life · Love · Rhyme

There she goes and…

She just stood by and watched me burnWith those beady eyes which never did turnAs i looked harder i found them not only emotionless but also lifelessAnd inside i smiled so carelessTo hide what i just can’tThe love i have for her gave me strength to stand