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Love, Cry & Die

I lit my heart to light up my world In manner uncanny, I got hurled And in return I watched me burn, Down to ashes… As those memories and moments crashes Days rain tears, Remembering those loving years

Girl · Happiness · Love · Rhyme

Since You Write…

Since you write… Pages, you need might So with all my love & warmth I present you a notebook For all your thoughts & lonely thoughts let it be the nook

Girl · Life · Love

Forgotten kiss

I’ve forgotten the kiss I’ve forgotten the hug I’ve forgotten to miss I’ve forgotten all this… I’ve forgotten her touch I’ve forgotten her scent I’ve forgotten her voice Her warmth, her clutch Her saying “I love you so much”

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It’s Always Been Her: Why You Should Love The Girl Who Waited For You

Those most deserving of our love and affection are too often overlooked. But to be fair, we aren’t always aware we’re overlooking them. People enter our lives only to later leave them. Some stay for years, others for decades, some for minutes and hours. And then, you have those very few who will stay with… Continue reading It’s Always Been Her: Why You Should Love The Girl Who Waited For You

Girl · Happiness · Love · Rhyme

Angel In Blue…

Amidst many many breath She turned me breathless As I turned to her Till eternity I may stare without a murmur

Girl · Happiness · Love · Rhyme

She Is

She is my princess She is my medicine in sickness She is my queen She is someone I’ve never seen She is my weekday blues break When I’m plateaued, she’s the rake She is the heartbeat And the person I’d never cheat

Girl · Happiness · Love · Rhyme

The Way She Dance In Rain

Grey sky and a gorgeous weather against a angel dancing in rain, To choose among them is heck of a pain. I chose to stay on ground, And I was very lucky for what I found. So beautifully, so gracefully she danced in rain, And I told myself compared to her; every other beauty is… Continue reading The Way She Dance In Rain

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Quietly She Said…

Among all these cobwebs of life, Filthy lies and flying commitments… She was there… rational & still-not-rational! As miracle as an oasis As pure as child’s promise And as sweet as… She looks!

Girl · Life · Love

It happened just today…

Today it just happened to be that incredible weather… I thought how could anything possibly be better than this, And then in the most unexpected of forms she descended! Wow…! That’s what they say… true say!

Girl · Life · Love

I’ve seen…

I see her today, I saw her yesterday, I’ll see her tomorrow I’ve seen mornings through her hairs, I’ve smelt noons in her essence, I’ve drawn evenings in her caress, I’ve slept nights with her dreams… I’ve seen the summer in her arms, I’ve seen rain in her eyes, I’ve seen winter in her lips…