Girl · Love · Rhyme

Love, Cry & Die

I lit my heart to light up my world In manner uncanny, I got hurled And in return I watched me burn, Down to ashes… As those memories and moments crashes Days rain tears, Remembering those loving years

Girl · Happiness · Love · Rhyme

Since You Write…

Since you write… Pages, you need might So with all my love & warmth I present you a notebook For all your thoughts & lonely thoughts let it be the nook

Girl · Life · Love

Forgotten kiss

I’ve forgotten the kiss I’ve forgotten the hug I’ve forgotten to miss I’ve forgotten all this… I’ve forgotten her touch I’ve forgotten her scent I’ve forgotten her voice Her warmth, her clutch Her saying “I love you so much”

Girl · Life · Love · Rhyme

Her Eyes…

Those eyes, they dawned on me… again! The showed me universe but in vain. How hard, tried to forget those eyes, I had Yet i want them looking at me so bad!   Hate ’em… as they lure me into abyss, Yet what they give, unparalleled peace.